Point of Sale POS FAQ

Q>  How do I set up my POS System once I receive it?

A>   Once you receive your bundle, contact to schedule installation with one of our experts.

Q>  I received a shipment with only part of my order. What do I do?

A>   Your order may include items shipped from different warehouses depending on availability. As such, they may arrive a few days apart. Should you not receive all components within 10 days please contact us at

Q>  Do the POS Systems need cloud or internet to run?

A>   No internet / cloud needed to run the POS System, unless you have purchased software-as-a-service (SaaS). If you are paying for the POS software on a monthly basis then you are using SaaS and internet connection is required. We do recommended that internet is available for the initial set-up of the system as well as for training.

Q> Can I use the POS System if I don’t have barcodes on all of my items?

A>   Yes, you can simply punch in the price and collect payment due.

Q>  What kind of printer should I attach to my cash drawer?

A>   Any thermal receipt printer 58mm or 80mm with USB connection and cash drawer kick-out

Q>  I bought a cash drawer and hooked it up to the POS System but it doesn’t open. What do I need to do?

A>   The cash drawer connects to the receipt printer.
In your POS System select “setup” from the top drop down menu.
Select “hardware”
Choose the receipt printer that the cash drawer is attached to. Once you indicate which printer you may be prompted to enter the printer decimal code.

Decimal codes (printer kick out /open codes) can be found here

Q>  I have an account with a merchant services provider (payment processor), through which I carry gift cards. Can this be used in the POS System?

A>   You can use gift cards with your current credit card processing provider and machine, or with one of 3 included payment processing apps built into the POS software that is included.

Q>  Do I need to open a Credit Card Merchant Account with you to use your bundles?

A>   Our POS System bundles DO NOT require you to sign up for a new credit card merchant account. You may use your existing credit card terminal independent of your POS System.

There are 2 options with any POS system:

1 - POS system and a separate credit card terminal
2 - Credit card processing via POS system with connected credit card chip/tap terminal

In both instances the reseller (ISO), that you have signed a merchant agreement with, can also setup up your credit card terminal with integration with your POS system if so desired by you.

Q>  Do your POS System bundles work with all credit card merchant services providers?

A>   Multiple software options are available. Each POS software choice works with their own select choice of payment processors.

The default software that comes standard with our POS Systems works with Global, TSYS and Chargeitpro.

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