Warranty for Point of Sale POS Cash Register Hardware / Software warranty begins on the date of the invoice, and expires accordingly from that date individual to each product as noted on product page.

What is covered by this hardware warranty? Point of Sale POS cash register manufacturer's hardware warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your pos hardware products.

What is not covered by this hardware warranty? This hardware warranty does NOT cover: Software, including, without limitation, the operating system and software added to the and its subsidiaries hardware products, third-party software or the reloading of software

  • Problems that result from:
    • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or problems with electrical power.
    • Servicing not authorized by and its subsidiaries.
    • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions.
    • Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance.
    • Problems caused by using accessories, parts or components not supplied by and its subsidiaries
    • Products with missing or altered Service Tags or serial numbers
    • Products for which or its subsidiaries has not received payment
    • Normal wear and tear

All new items may come with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty which is valid by and via Manufacturer only and not and its subsidiaries. and its subsidiaries are not responsible for said individual manufacturer warranty policies.

Shipping back to and its subsidiaries or Manufacturer is always the customer's responsibility.

All used/refurbished systems come with 30 day parts warranty - Shipping for warranty and or repair is always the customer’s responsibility.

Nothing should be sent back without an authorized RMA number (see RMA instructions.)

Items that do not have an RMA number will not be accepted and sent back to shipper.

Extended warranty is available on most parts, contact sales directly for details.

Client must ship back to the production facility for testing, repair and or replacement as needed and deemed appropriate by the tech department.

Please be aware that all goods replaced under the warranty will be returned to the original shipping address, unless a prior agreement with, or its subsidiaries, has been negotiated.

While the warranty of any goods bought from, or its subsidiaries, is voided once the item has left continental US and Canada we will work with our overseas customers to ensure where possible.

  • Keep all original packaging as you received it for at least 15 days.
  • Keep all products in good condition.
  • Do not remove UPC codes or serial numbers.
  • Do not write or mark the packaging, contents or warranty registration cards if applicable.
  • Products, whether defective or not, must be returned in the proper packaging and the box must include all components and other items originally packaged with the product: cables, software, manuals, registration and warranty cards etc. Linked promotional items must also be included.

How do I get Warranty Service? Upon contacting and its subsidiaries technical support, you will be required to engage in a remote diagnosis session with the tech support agent to help determine the cause of your issue. Remote diagnosis may involve customer access to the inside of the product and multiple or extended sessions. If the technical support agent determines that your issue is the result of a defect in materials or workmanship but the issue is not able to be resolved remotely, the unit will have to come back to our repair facilities for verification.

At which point you have several options:

  1. Standard Warranty procedure, you send in the item in question, shipping, and handling and all duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer. Once we receive the item, it is tested, if the issue is covered under the warranty a replacement will be sent to you. If it is determined that the issue is not covered under warranty then, options will be provided such as purchase a new replacement, which we shall ship, and discard the old item. Have the item shipped back to the client at his/her expense. The client has 15 days to make a decision after such time; it is considered that the customer no longer wants the item in question. If an item is not covered by Warranty but can be repaired by a technician, will offer client that option at a fee.
  2. Another option is that, we may offer to ship you a replacement product prior to receiving your original product back. In such instance, we will require a valid signed credit card number and authorization form at the time you request a replacement product. We will do an authorization to block funds, and we will not charge or invoice you for the replacement product as long as you return the original product to us within 10 days of your receipt of the replacement product and that we confirm that your product issue is covered under this limited hardware warranty. If we do not receive your original product within 10 days, we will charge your credit card for the then-current standard price for the product. If upon receipt of your original product, we determine that your product issue is not covered under this limited hardware warranty, you will be given the opportunity to return the replacement unit, at your sole expense, within 10 days from the date we contact you regarding the lack of coverage for your issue or we will charge to your credit card or invoice you the then-current standard price for the product. In addition, if you fail to pay the amounts due in connection with such an invoice or attempt a charge back, will suspend your limited hardware warranty support until the invoice amount is paid. A suspension of your limited hardware warranty for failure to properly return a product or to pay an invoice will not toll the term of your limited hardware warranty and the limited hardware warranty will still expire in accordance with its original term.

NOTE: Before you ship the product(s) to us, make sure to back up the data on the hard drive(s) and any other storage device(s) in the product(s). You are responsible for removing any confidential, proprietary or personal information and removable media such as floppy disks, DVDs/CDs, or PC Cards regardless. We are not responsible for any of your confidential, proprietary or personal information; lost or corrupted data.

We use new and refurbished parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and in building replacement parts and products. Refurbished parts and products are parts or products that have been returned to, some of which were never used by a customer. All parts and products are inspected and tested for quality. Replacement parts and products are covered for the remaining period of the limited hardware warranty for the product you purchased. owns all parts removed from repaired products.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to make any hardware/software alterations, DO NOT do so before contacting tech support. ANY and ALL Hardware and Software alteration on your part to the system purchased, will immediately void your warranty and FREE tech support. It will also hinder the system from functioning properly and it may disable your software registration as it will not recognize the unit and you would have to purchase a new license.

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